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"Q Anon: We are Moving up the Timetable" by Sierra (NZ) - 2.21.18

Entry Submitted by Sierra (NZ) at 4:16 PM EST on February 21, 2018 Q Anon is back - and there is a real sense of urgency in the latest mes...

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

"Final Stage of the RI/RV Process" - Wed. PM TNT Thoughts



Guy's we are way past "opened windows"! The "door" is open! The final stage of the RI/RV process started months ago! UN chaps 7 gone, Ex order 13303 gone, World Bank annc Iraq International and secure $30 billion, Dealers can't get Dinar, all in 60 days! Folks we are way past windows! Take care Tbl.

Must be some powerful greedy humans just determined to not let this go. We've shattered every window so far.....sad


Tim - why are you disappointed............with articles being publicly written entitled THE RECOVERY OF THE IRAQI DINAR.........how often have you seen that in the history of us waiting here. There is nothing for Tony and Ray to be disappointed about. If folks can't see that, you've not really be paying attention

I know App......that's what so confusing and has me scratching my head.

I know and see the articles and hear the news...but there is never seems to be manifestation of what's being reported… But Like Tony once said....we only have about 60% of the information

Tim - sure there's manifestation about what's being reported. Do you read these bank stories being brought in. That pure "manifestation," right there. Seems some think that Ray and Tony's updates were absolute like your weekly pay check. Forgetting to factor in what actually is developing and unfolding before our eyes that is just what Ray and Tony reported as a SLOW ROLL OUT.

tim I was also encouraged what Dr C posted. It was very encouraging to read.

Perhaps a Slow Roll Out is for the best.....that way it doesn't upset everything and crash the system to overload????


"Beginning of March" - Wed. PM KTFA Thoughts/News


Wednesday Night KTFA CC 2-21-18

The first part is business Promo and the the second part is Dinar/Iraq Intel

PLAYBACK : 641.715.3598 PIN : 155703#



WMB1979 » February 21st, 2018

So the big question is are they going to meet with the investors at the beginning of March and say we did the RI let's sign some investor contracts. or be the procrastination kings they are and say we really really promise with sugar on top that we are going to RI soon. Time will tell. -If I was the investor I would walk if the latter.

Hammy14 » February 21st, 2018

wmb....not to worry. As we have been taught, the USA is in control. IMO, we knew exactly what Abadi was going to do in Kuwait when he made the promises and assurances that he made. We approved the message!

I highly doubt we would advise him to make such statements if there was no intent to follow through on those promises. The process has already started to lift the restrictions.

Abadi said he would be inviting everyone in at the beginning of March. But the ONLY way they are coming in is with no restrictions on their currency. You can rest assured that Abadi knows this. IMO, he is putting the final touches on what is about to take place, and we have a front row seat. So, let's just sit back and watch it unfold.

ImDennis » February 21st, 2018

There was a time I was attending school just over 1000 km (12 hours) from home. I made the trip often....from BC Canada to California....along the Oregon coast.

There are sections of incredible beauty and sections of mind-numbing tedium (much like this experience). Interesting to note that the last 50 km were often the most intense....exciting and remarkably frustrating...so close and still a ways to go....

Frank, my brother in Christ...I have that feeling...for the last few weeks...getting stronger...the tension is remarkable (I suspect you have felt it for a while as well)....The true plethora of articles screaming the end is near is almost overwhelming....Sometimes you believe you can see home...and other times it still feels like forever.

Samson » February 21st, 2018

American doctor: What we saw in Iraq is different from what is mentioned in the media

2018/2/21 17:47

"The Iraqi people are a decent people and they have high morals and that's what we're going to take to our friends in Minnesota," said US Christian physician Jack Benson during his visit to Iraq with his wife Maria from Minnesota.

He explained d. "There are fears among some Americans of the situation in Iraq, because of the focus of the American media on the frightening events in this country, where they claim that Iraq is destructive and full of violence, which is certainly different from what we have seen and found Of cohesion and solidarity and cooperation between different Iraqi factions. "

"It is necessary to clarify what is going on and correct the misconception of the Americans about the facts of the situation and the good security in your country."

"We have visited many areas and cities, including the ancient city of Ur in Nasiriyah and the cities of Najaf and Karbala, and we were briefed on these monuments and heritage, at the invitation of the Coordinator of the Muslim Peacemaking Association, Mr. Samir Soli in Minnesota. It was not the first time that international figures had arrived in Iraq, but several delegations had visited the country and witnessed the peaceful coexistence of their children. LINK

Catone » February 21st, 2018

Thank you so much for bringing this article about Jack Benson's experiences in Iraq. In my cut-short (thank you ied) work in the ME with DWB, what I observed was exactly as Dr. Benson explains. We saw Sunni, Shiite and Yaziti children playing together and peacefully. Granted, they were not necessarily surrounded by peace, but they (or their parents) made their play PLACES as safe as possible and entertained themselves mostly with only their imaginations.

Al-Hadithi: All detainees on charges of terrorism from foreigners will be tried according to Iraqi law

21st February, 2018

The spokesman for the Information Office of Prime Minister Saad al-Hadithi on Tuesday that all detainees on charges

of 'terrorism' of foreigners, including women will be tried in accordance with Iraqi law.
Al-Hadithi said in a press statement that 'all foreigners who committed crimes and violations against the Iraqi people directly or through support and support will be subject to Iraqi laws,' pointing out that this also applies to foreign women who committed their actions inside Iraqi territory.

Al-Hadithi added that "the government will coordinate with the countries to which the detainees belong if they are not proven to have committed crimes or killings and bombings in Iraq in order to extradite them."

Noting that 'the Iraqi authorities are holding dozens of women and children of different nationalities in specialized centers'.

The Iraqi judiciary earlier issued a death sentence against a German citizen of Moroccan origin on charges of belonging to Daish in the first ruling of its kind issued against a European citizen. LINK

Samson » February 21st, 2018

Iraq and Britain discuss extradition and the return of smuggled money abroad

20th February, 2018

The head of the Integrity Commission, a British parliamentary delegation, unveiled ways to remove obstacles and uncertainties that prevent money from being recovered and convicted of corruption in the United Kingdom.

He stressed, the Chairman of the Commission Hassan Yasiri, During his meeting with the British delegation at the headquarters of the Commission, on the importance of not repeating dual nationality as an obstacle to the recovery of convicted persons in administrative or financial corruption cases, and that the Board faced real obstacles preventing them from recovering those convicted of corruption in the Kingdom.

The obstacle of dual nationality stands in the way of recovery of convicts, In spite of the completion of files recovered by judicial decisions and the announcement of red bulletins, "adding that" in his recent visit to the United Kingdom touched the cooperation of the British public prosecution and police, as the visit resulted in the An agreement to conclude a memorandum of understanding with the British Justice Department aimed at assisting Iraq in the file of the recovery of funds and accused, highlighting the main tasks entrusted to the body and its departments and steps taken by the Board during the last two years of its work.

The meeting, which was attended by the director general of the recovery department in the body, according to a statement issued by "the number of convicts wanted for the Iraqi judiciary in the United Kingdom, and ways to recover them to Iraq, especially after the completion of files recovered by the body.

For his part, the British parliamentary delegation expressed its readiness to provide assistance to the Iraqi side represented by the integrity and the importance of enabling Iraq to do so. The British parliamentary delegation was led by Anne Clwyde, a member of the House of Lords, and included Lords (Fabian Hamilton), Baroness Blackstone, Howard Opey and Matthew O'Fred. The accompanying delegation included Rick Nemo, The British Parliament and Dominique Rees, Deputy Director. LINK

JesusLovesBaseball » February 21st, 2018

Weekly Conference Prime Minister Summary Dr. Haider al - Abadi

February 20, 2018

We reiterate condolences to the families of the martyrs of the popular crowd and to all the members of the popular crowd and other forces for the loss that took place in the face of our heroes with sleeping cells in the area of Riyadh in Hawija, and ordered an investigation into the incident and ordered our forces to hunt down those sleeper cells and comb the area.

We stress the importance of adhering to military directives in the movement of forces and taking care and caution against the presence of sleeper terrorist cells.

Terrorism deviant thought, we spent it militarily and we need time to eliminate its intellectual presence, and our presence at the Munich Security Conference recently is to achieve this.
Iraq now leads the anti-terrorism campaign in the world.

Iraq achieved what no one dreamed of breaking the terrorism of Daheshi, but terrorism remains and we must beware of them and we can eliminate this thought in the region by uniting efforts and work and intelligence coordination among the countries of the world.

At our first meeting in 2015 we attended the Munich Security Conference. The world was terrified of terrorism and the organization calling for the criminal. The perception that we could not eliminate it so quickly, but we managed to eliminate this terrorist organization.

The world leaders whom we met at the Munich Security Conference recently said that you remember things that we envisioned to raise enthusiasm and morale, but what you mentioned is precisely achieved and we respect this achievement and Iraq can play an important role in this regard.

We have initiatives to stabilize the region and keep it away from the specter of war and its repercussions. Every country wants to achieve its interests at the expense of the other.

​The destruction of the infrastructure of states and the killing of civilians and their displacement and instability are the ones that generate terrorism.

It is in the interest of Iraq to eliminate terrorism, and Iraqi ability in this regard can be shared with others.

Continue to extend the federal authority and the extension of law and stability and provide a conducive environment for the provision of services and investment in the next phase.

There are those who view the Kuwait Conference for the reconstruction of Iraq as a final stop, but the initial station to attract investment has succeeded in a remarkable and achieved global interest in Iraq.

Iraq, which emerged victorious on terrorism is able to lead the stage of reconstruction and construction and provide employment for thousands of young people.

there who wanted stop us from going to Mosul to edit because itdroopy and believes we not able to edit them and they wanted spread spirit cowardice and failure achieve victory, but thankfully we achieved, and today same voices start again and tend to this party once again to that party.

Some of them sell our victories free of charge to countries because he does not believe that Iraq can rise, which led to the loss of the country and the waste of wealth previously.

The first step is that the world today trusts and believes in Iraq.

We need a valid regional environment and we need a national unity and institutions that stand by our side and we can not. We are working on all of this. States now trust us and we must build on this confidence.

We will start next month a meeting of all countries that contributed to the Conference on the reconstruction of Iraq in Kuwait based on what was achieved at the conference as we prepare for the next phase, which will achieve a leap in this context.

The world stands with the successful and with whom real repairs occur.

We continue to strengthen the federal authority, including ports and airports in Sulaymaniyah and Arbil, and there is no siege on the region, but it is counter propaganda.

In all countries of the world border crossings are a federal responsibility.

We will open the airports of the province when our conditions are met, and the region gave full readiness to approve the presence of a federal security force at airports.

Therewhonot Asedkna when we saidwe will closeairportsKurdistan, and when we've done started talking aboutreason why closed, as if hebecome careful.

Kurdistan crisis caused by the battle for oil and the extension of the territory and increased control over land, but we returned to the federal authority.

There is the publication of a forged document claiming that the federal government opened the airports of the province unconditionally after he manipulated some words in the original document, and the correct we allowed only those who perform Umrah in Mecca and Medina after a request from the region.

Those who spread lies and falsify the facts with the near elections deceive themselves and those who do not want the interest of the homeland but want to generate pressure on the government so as not to ease on our Kurdish citizens.

​We gave the region travel approvals for the humanitarian side and some official approvals and did not give approvals to the sons of officials because we do not want to distinguish them from the citizens.

There is electoral fever these days, and I call for commitment to the conduct of the correct electoral propaganda.

There has been silent for three years and was busy collecting money and privileges and blackmail ministers and government and today began to remember the existence of the citizen.

The government did not distribute the land to the people or give a promise and it could raise salaries and did other things but does not want cheap gain, it wants to achieve national interest.

Reduction of salaries is a lie and there is no tax on it is an untrue and unjustified lie.
We welcome any criticism of the government to advise and rejoice, and investigate any subject that appears on the media, although it is true we advise him.

Protecting the electoral process and its integrity is the government's duty.

The government does not intervene in the electoral process nor in the work of the UNHCR, the judiciary or the independent authorities, and our eyes will be open to monitoring the elections.

The members and staff of the Electoral Commission should not be inclined to one side or the other.

We asked the United Nations and some countries to help protect the elections and the use of advanced equipment to ensure their neutrality and safety.

Cabinet voted on a resolution limiting dangerous fireworks and prohibited and prohibited the firing of firecrackers on occasions.

He is no longer an advocate, and what happened in the Riyadh area of Hawija is a breach, a plot and terrorism that no longer controls the land. We are pursuing the remaining terrorists and we do not want them to gather again.

We are working hard to make agreements with Kurdistan and do not hold deals benefiting the parties, and we are against the parties to benefit their own interests.

We have reached important results in paying the salaries of the region and we progress in this and we want to achieve a balance between local and central governments.

We have adopted a cost-cutting policy and have been successful in this.

Every corrupt place prison, and we work to remove the causes of corruption and want to keep the spread, and promising the people that we work hard in this direction.

We are working to restore stability in the liberated areas and support and ensure that the money goes to the beneficiaries.

We did not agree to the establishment of foreign military bases in Iraq when terrorism was in our territory and threatens our survival, how do we agree today, we have defeated terrorism and liberated our cities.

Iran is a neighboring country and we know its fear, but Iraq's interest is the number one for us.

We will not allow the exploitation of Iraqi territory against Iran or other countries.

We do not have any foreign military base during our fight for Daish.

We want to diversify the world's support for us and support us with the world with the successful and we succeeded.

We want world quality training for our troops because it costs a lot of money.

The countries of the world offered us to train our troops for free, and we did not pay any amount for the training.

The world benefits from Iraq and not only Iraq who benefits from the world.

The House of Representatives is the one who decides to reject or accept the cooperation of the world with us in the training of our forces and support and we have no problem in the parliament's rejection of the world's cooperation with Iraq, but they have to take responsibility.

National is a self-feeling in man, he can live patriotically in the most hostile places in the world, and can live in the most friendly places and sell his country, and we have confidence in our people and patriotism.

We do not accept interference in our affairs, neither from Iran nor from America.

There is an amplification of the security imbalances that occur here and there.

reassuring for the security procedures in Kirkuk, and do not distinguish any citizen at the expense of another.

We succeeded quickly in establishing a good intelligence system in Kirkuk.

Satellite Some parties consider the Iraqi soldier an enemy, and this hatred is not allowed and we will hold them accountable.

The aggression that took place in Erbil on some young people must be addressed, and salute the settlement of the matter by Erbil and the rest of the parties.

The responsibility of the government is to achieve justice in Kirkuk and other governorates of Iraq. LINK

(Courtesy of Dinar Recaps)

Guest Posts Regarding the RV/GCR & More for Wed. Evening - 2.21.18

This is compilation of all guest posts submitted as of Wednesday Evening, February 21, 2018. All guest posts that are more than 3-5 paragraphs in length, or deemed important, or contains images, or is a response to another post may be considered as a standalone post.

Note: This post will be continuously updated with more entries as they are submitted.

Another Note: Arrangement of Guest Posts is top to bottom. Each newly added Guest Post will be at the top rather than at the bottom.


"Re: We are Moving up the Timetable"

Entry Submitted by Vee at 9:15 PM EST on February 21, 2018

"Q Anon: We are Moving up the Timetable" by Sierra (NZ) - 2.21.18

This scenario and action or movement .. reminds me a lot of the movie too big to fail. The public had no idea about the bubble to burst in regards to that movie, but we are getting behind the scenes info and analogies by Q Anon.. is something even greater than that too big to fail, the collapse of the market. This in a sense, is all of it combined, and we are being provided a ringside seats to witness of sorts, this...melodrama. Peace out Vee

"Bond Notes vs. Currency Query" by Bren - 2.21.18

Entry Submitted by Bren at 9:29 PM EST on February 21, 2018

Greetings IDC

Just doing some research online and seems maybe the ZIM are bond notes as opposed to currency..??? can anyone shed further light on this matter ?

The ZIM notes have " I promise to pay the bearer on demand the amount of...." for the face value.

I noticed an old USD note said " this note is legal tender for the value of ..."

Could it be that simple ?

So as I understand it - the ZIM must be redeemed or exchanged at FACE value... and info I read was actually talking about the equivalent in GOLD or other assets backing that bond.. interesting ...


"Is Someone Saying Hello to us? - Part 2" by Quantum Ideas - 2.21.18

Entry Submitted by Quantum Ideas at 8:18 PM EST on February 21, 2018

Is Someone Saying Hello To Us?—part 2

In continuation of my post from 2 weeks ago that went with this night sky photo …

I went back to the same spot, and re-took another photo about a week later. This time, it appears to be a totally different object, not even remotely similar to the triangle of colored lights from before. Not sure if it’s a round disk, or what.....

Still pointing my camera at the same spot, I took a little video to see what would show up. Again, the previous triangle of multi-colored lights have totally disappeared. And instead, here is a tiny blue light zipping and darting around extremely fast in and out of my frame. When I zoom in and do a screen shot, it looks like this.

When I look up at the sky with the naked eye, it just appears as a bright star, and when I take video with a zoom, suddenly there are spastic hyper movements all over the place. It's zipping up and down, and left and right, and circles, and figure 8's...... Whaaaaat?!

Who else wants to point & shoot, and join the game?

"I Smell a RV" by Zane - 2.21.18

Entry Submitted by Zane at 8:15 PM EST on February 21, 2018

So the Australian PM and the Premier of each State and Territory have just landed in the US to meet with POTUS and the heads of some of the biggest companies in the US.

It is the largest and most significant delegation from Australia to ever visit the US.


I think it is to discuss the coming changes and prepare our country for the RV.

Why else would the Premiers and Chief Ministers from each State and Territory be required to go? My thought is so each representative of state knows what to do and how to control the situation once this all occurs.

To me, this is a sign that we are about to experience some monumental changes!

Buckle up folks!

Love and Light

"A New Broader Perspective" by Michael Murdock - 2.21.18

Entry Submitted by Michael Murdock at 8:09 PM EST on February 21, 2018


Is life as big as we think it is? Are things we worry about always as large as they seem?

Sometimes when we pull back our perspective just a bit, those things that seem huge turn out to be really small in the broader universe.

The picture shows you just that. You can look at pictures from a different angle or life and completely change what’s important and what can be set aside from your immediate focus, if you wish to. Not to forget about it, but to give it time to rest, to give your soul time to decide how you will manage that matter when the time comes.

Sometimes we feel that we have to take on everything all at once, and we stack everything up and we become overwhelmed, and our souls cry out for a break, for breathing room, for space.

There’s an old adage that goes something like this how can you eat an entire elephant? The answer is the same way you eat anything else, one bite at a time. No offense to any elephants who might be reading Dinar Chronicles at this very moment.

Our lives, the RV, our future, our projects, all require us to simply be present, apply necessary resources, funding, energy, and one bite or one step at a time they shall be created, resolved, solved, loved, etc...

How do I know? Because I have been told to share this with you: When the time arrives, you are worthy of being amazing to many, and each of you will be blessed with much light to shine into the hearts and souls of many as you bring them from the darkness where they are, into the light where you are, and you shall save them, because God has shared his light into your heart & souls and blessed you to in turn bless them.

Your projects, your hopes and dreams will become the new reality and this planet shall thrive as it moves into a new more loving future of abundance, peace, love and joy.

And so it is.

God bless you all!


Michael Murdock, US Navy Veteran, homeless
thanks for your kindness & sharing


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