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"An Assessment on the Kim-Possible Update" by (Anonymous) - 1.18.18

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 10:20 PM EST on January 18, 2018 "Kim-Possible Update" - GCR/RV SPEAK Intel Update - Tank - 1.17...

Friday, January 19, 2018

"Won't Shrink Back!" by One Who Is Living It - 1.18.18

Entry Submitted by One Who Is Living It at 11:08 PM EST on January 18, 2018

I was just listening to Bruce's call, reading Yosef's post, reading IDC and listening to other Gurus. All of which are encouraging us to "stay the course," or "hang in there" and "don't shrink back," etc. My response is prayer without works is dead!!!

I have literally lived this thing since June 1, 2009. For example, I have served the homeless even on Welfare! I'm talking about buying bags of beans and making enough to feed a whole "Tent City" out of my car. I've given away brand new clothes to homeless on the street and daily going to Walmart to buy a sub and bottle of water for people outside with a sign, (even when I'm chased away). I've given rides to strangers and even let a foreigner, (a man I never met) use my car to take his drivers test to get a job. I gave away my Mercedes when I couldn't repair it because a man with 8 children got out of jail and needed it to get a job. I left my home to follow God on a mission field all over the country just to do His bidding. I'm talking about going to another state to care for a Pastor I didn't even know who was diagnosed in the E.R. with Stage-4 Breast Cancer, (all of this while caring for a Son with Cerebral Palsy). Ohhh and mind you, I did all of this while making the Dean's List in Seminary while homeless!

I'm the same person who got raped and molested repeatedly as a child, in and out of homelessness since my 4 house fires in 2005. I'm the one with a Son with HIV, a Son who committed suicide and now a Mom with Cancer.

My question is, "If you won't help me, one of your own on IDC, then how will you help the world?" Is it to much to expect that maybe each of you throw say $20 to $100 into a PayPal account so I can get to my home town to care for my Mom? Can you please HELP ME? PLEASE!

We have no family to go home to where we could stay. My family needs even more help than I do, (homelessness, diseases, unemployed, under employed, etc). What do I have to say for you to help me?

As of tomorrow we will be out in the cold. The shelters won't take me with a Son who is an adult with a disability. I don't have enough to rent a car to get there and when we get there, we don't have a place to stay. I have no choice other than to leave here because my friend has a 2 bedroom unit and her Granddaughter (and her Mom) is relocating here to take the sofa we're sleeping on.

I want to work, but no one will hire me because of my age! I had a stroke in 2016 and lost my car because I couldn't catch up. We have a fixed income and I want out of this life! Who wants all of this and people keep posting "it's coming, it's here, maybe tonight or the morning, for sure Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday because they're banking days!" STOP TELLING ME TO NOT SHRINK BACK AND HELP YOUR FELLOW SISTER IN CHRIST! Stop referring me to the church who won't help because I'm not a member and the one where I am a member referred me to a shelter!

THIS IS WHY I LAY DOWN MY LIFE AS A SACRIFICE TO SERVE OTHERS BECAUSE PEOPLE WHO DONT HAVE JESUS END UP COMMITTING SUICIDE! I know because I've had to save a few!!!! Quite a few, by I couldn't save my Son. If you can't help me, how will WE save the world?

One Who Is Living It

Message from the Mothers for January 18, 2018

The Mothers 1/18/18

Greetings dear hearts, dear children , it is I Mother Mary and I bring to you on fresh spring breezes the scent and the feel of pink roses to lighten your weary hearts tonight. I see you with the loving eyes of a mother who appreciates both strength and suffering and we hear you. Your cries are heard in heavens gates tonight, and I shower you with both love and mercy.

Greetings dear ones, it is I, your Mother Gaia. I greet you with a great energy burst from the central sun that is coming children, be ready! Oh, I am so excited to see and to experience this, are you? Feel my warm green energy of healing and light and be ever so comforted deeply at the core soul level, for that is how much you are loved, appreciated and attended to, as Mother Sekmet said the other day. Such a grand task of ascension has truly called in all of the masters, the councils of light, and our galactic friends of the skies. Feel the hope and get excited. Claim hope. Claim peace. Be hope. Be peace and anchor these attributes into me, into the deep center of my body and help create this reality into fruition. The darkness is fading, cracking, demising, retreating, confined. Provide comfort to each other and to my kingdoms. Create with us.

Children, it is I, Mother Sekmet here tonight in concert with Mother Mary and Mother Gaia. For truly in solidarity we are showing our unity of feminine power and strength that we are now grounding into Nova Gaia, into this convoluted matrix that is now dissolved by light forces. Femininity, the Devine feminine, the creative, receptive component to creation, has long been stifled, cut out, smothered and abused but the time for a massive rebalancing of male and female energies is upon us, and it requires the balance of both sexes to achieve this feat. Men, you are being called to action, to a deepening of your compassion, of service to the great Mother, to the Devine feminine within you. It is time to break from tradition and remember your heart space and expand it. Expand your joy, your protective efforts for the Devine feminine and become the white knight championing her as you once were in the days of old. Women, ladies, you do no longer need to pretend to be men to survive, to provide, to push ahead. No. You be your Devine feminine in form, creating, receiving, loving, and find freedom in this. You are all well provided for as the new energies are quite strong, proving and illuminating. But you must find your balance within, and this is the balance of the male and the female within you. Meditate on this.

It is I, Mother Mary. Children it is true. Be at peace and discover not only who you are but who you were meant to be in Devine balance of form. What parts of your lives are overtly masculine? Most of you work and strive and push and power through just to survive - this is the male, albeit misguided energies. Balance must be achieved. Balance of your lives, of your creativity that has been pushed aside so that you could make money and have a career. Instead, create careers that honor the Devine feminine within. Create forums and places where women feel safe and empowered. Create societies where the young are safe and treasured. When the men are able to create this safety, the Devine feminine blossoms. She feels loved and nurtured and supported and in response she shines so brightly and gives so much of her innermost God spark that all around her are blessed. See this in your mind's eye and create it. That is why you are here. When the great central sun reharmonizes, rebalances, these concepts will seem more understandable but for now, know this to be true and of utmost significance for the future of Humanity and precious Mother Gaia.

It is I, Mother Gaia. Yes! Can you hear your hearts call? Can you feel the burning of truth? Remember Avalon to those of you who were there? My knights of shining armor who defended the feminine, who protected me? Be still and listen and you will feel this deep longing to return to such times of deep loyalty and devotion, of spiritual balance and oneness. It is much nearer now even than it was yesterday, my dear ones. We are sending trifold messages to our precious ones tonight because, because now is time to remember! To hear the clarion call! To cry, to laugh, to be fully human and fully Devine simultaneously! For that is why you are here, angels in form, having a tremendous experience. We are being cheered on from above you know. It is quite exciting. Cling to me. Anchor to me. Allow the Mothers' love to saturate you, to surround you, and to rebalance you closer to your preferred balance point. Breathe us in. We are ever around you, ever providing for you ever in support of your transitioning towards oneness. Remember your cause, your balance of Devine masculine and Devine feminine. Invite us and we shall ever assist you, for we love you all ever so much. I am your Mother Gaia and I speak for us all tonight. Be comforted and encouraged dear hearts.

I am your Mother Mary and I shower you with light and love. Smell the roses children, and hear my voice of comfort.

I am Mother Sekmet. I am always here for Humanity, as a pillar of female strength for the collective, and of tender love for the lone warriors. Be at peace, in this Now and always. Enjoy the transition and enjoy your transformation.

~ galaxygirl

Thursday, January 18, 2018

"Something is Surely Going on" - Thurs. PM TNT Thoughts/News



6 top level Zimbabe goverment folks killed in a bazzar plane crash, huuuuummmm, and a CEO of Barclays foriegn currency department killed too, Huuuummm , something is surely going on , hang on the ride is about over. Jmvho

Red I saw that earlier and thought the same thing….. Draining the swamp...

Bloomberg: New President Plans Zimbabwe Revival by Restoring Economy, ​Democracy… ... The government will also look into building central bank reserves of gold and diamonds with a view to relaunching the nation’s own currency, the Zimbabwe dollar, in several years’ time, the president said. The Zimbabwean currency was abandoned in 2009 after inflation surged to as much as 500 billion percent, according to IMF estimates.

Reuters: Oil prices drop on uptick in U.S. production

"Another Possibility" - Thurs. PM KTFA Thoughts/News


StephenMac63 » January 18th, 2018

Just exactly what are the Banks up to?

A bank is a business that is mainly focused on financial services and products. Income, both short term and long term, is what keeps a bank afloat.

This can be done through offering mortgages (30 year source of revenue via interest rates income), car loans (5 year income due to interest rates), Lines of Credit and many other services offered are what keeps a bank alive. Credit cards are another product.

Many banks have expanded their offerings to customers just to lure them in. Wealth Managers in various stages are offered. High Networth and Ultra High Networth. There is always someone at the bank that you qualify to work with due to your income level.

Banks, many, also offer Foreign Currency Exchanges for the customers. Because they get spreads and fees. When they sell, they make money, when they buy they make money. Its a Win-Win for them.

So what is it that banks do not like to deal with the IQD? Remember, banks make money both ways on the currency exchange. Is it the amount of phone calls they get regarding the IQD. IMO, back when the banks were dealing with the IQD it was treated as a product to create an income based upon the transaction.

Seems fair, that is what business is for, to earn money. It was possible at the time that the banks used the IQD as a product and didnt care what the return was to the customer as they made their money coming and going.

There had to be a point in time where the banks were proportionally inundated with phone calls along with more "by-backs". Maybe the banks finally said "Enough Already" and instituted a policy not to cater to the IQD because the expenses did not warrant the costs to project a profitable service to offer. IMO, this is quite possible.

But then I understand that it can be a company-wide decision in order to save on employee costs, not a whole banking-industry wide shutdown. Mainly because what one bank offers, maybe another bank doesnt, its called being competitive in the business world.

But there is another possibility.....maybe the banking industry did not decide to not be involved with the IQD due to "headaches"......maybe they were told not to deal with the IQD anymore. Who could tell a whole industry, especially the banking industry, what to do? Yeah, at least one of the guys......UST, or anyone affiliated with the power.

Now, we must ask ourselves "Why". Why is it that the large banks did offer the IQD at one time but then over a very short period of time, almost none offered.

Why does anyone give a directive? Control....pretty much what it boils down to. How would they control? By reducing the outlets available to purchase the IQD, mainly through dealers. A lot easier to see where the IQD is bought and sold through registered agents than it is through the thousands of banks out there.

Coupled along with the need to provide a photo ID to purchase can really pinpoint the legality of the purchase. For example, Fred works at a convenience store and purchases 1 million IQD compared to Jack who works under the table now and then but files the minimum on taxes for the year but he has 17 million IQD.

Im of the opinion that the Banks were told not to deal with the IQD.......and not by the Banks themselves. Spreads and fees are money makers for any financial institution.

There are banks out there that offer Foreign Currency Exchanges for their customers. You will be more apt to find any of these banks that are located in large volume metropolis areas...San Francisco, New York, ect.

If you are not near any of these areas, may want to find out where in your area is the High Net Worth population, chances are there is a bank nearby there offering the services to their local customers.

Samson » January 18th, 2018

US secretary of state attends Iraq reconstruction conference

18th January, 2018

US Ambassador to the United States Lawrence Silverman has revealed the participation of his country's foreign minister, Rex Talerson, (Rex Tillerson) in the Iraq reconstruction conference to be launched on February 12 and will be preceded by the ministerial meeting of 74 countries to combat terrorism.

The official opening of the conference will be on February 14 in the presence of His Highness the Amir and the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi. LINK

Real Truth Call Replay w/ Jared Rand Q&A 1-17-18

Jared Rand/Real Truth Call
January 17, 2018

Continuation of his educational talk w/ Questions & Answers

Guest Posts Regarding the RV/GCR & More for Thurs. Evening - 1.18.18

This is compilation of all guest posts submitted as of Thursday Evening, January 18, 2018. All guest posts that are more than 3-5 paragraphs in length, or deemed important, or contains images, or is a response to another post may be considered as a standalone post.

Note: This post will be continuously updated with more entries as they are submitted.

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"Questions about HSBC in Light of Indictments and Penalties"

Entry Submitted by RD at 10:09 PM EST on January 18, 2018

Isn’t HSBC the bank that ZIM-landers are required to deal with during currency exchanges?
If so, WHY? Can they be trusted??
If not, which bank IS handling the ZIM exchanges?

Thank you!


"To One Who Is Living It"

Entry Submitted by Hope Ranger at 6:52 PM EST on January 18, 2018

"Tried Getting Help" by One Who Is Living It - 1.18.18

Your situation sounds horrible. I suggest you find a local Mormon or Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. A local bishop could help a lot and should even though you are not a member of the church.

They have a tremdous welfare program and should be willing to help you. It can’t hurt to try.

Hope Ranger

"An Assessment on the Kim-Possible Update" by (Anonymous) - 1.18.18

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 10:20 PM EST on January 18, 2018

"Kim-Possible Update" - GCR/RV SPEAK Intel Update - Tank - 1.17.18

Reading through this is actually very helpful. What it is saying is that the same old corrupt people are in the Treasury waiting on their corrupt masters to release to them the codes so that the old guard can be rehydrated.

The fact that the Kim person doesn't want that to happen is completely understandable. But that this person is willing to release whatever codes they have, doesn't make sense unless they only have a few pieces of the puzzle.

With that they can try to leverage those pieces in order for some people to understand that until the corruption is gone, or completely in check, there is no point in releasing anything lest your enemy be empowered and the corruption starts all over again. It is all drama for effect.

What that is saying is that this transition can not be completed until the lawful Republic is in place and in control by trustworthy hands. And that won't happen until all the holdouts are dealt with and the rest fold.

This is clearly a game of attrition and we are merely pawns moved around on the board until the game is over. Not that this is any great revelation but it does establish that we aren't waiting for any codes to be released just yet.

What we are waiting for is the final takedown to happen so that enough of the corruption folds so that the lawful Republic can assume it's proper role. In order for that to happen the swamp must be drained much more than it is so that virtually all the old pieces of corruption acknowledge their defeat and thereby completely fold.

I'm not sure that can be done invisibly to the public eye. Revelations must come fourth so that arrests can visibly happen necessary for the public to see the enormity of the problem, such that the solution becomes self evident.

The whole idea of the MSM being the last to fold is not reasonable on account of public perception. The public must be allowed to perceive the truth and that can't happen when they are constantly lied to and deceived by the MSM..

The greatest strength that the deep state cabal have remaining is the skewed public perception. Once the public's eyes are open to the truth, then the deep state cabal are completely defeated in their own eyes. Only then will the deep state middle management fold completely.

The NPTB know that they need much of this middle management in place in order to make the transition relatively seamless. If they have to remove most of them then there will be a huge void in the chain of command necessary to manage public services. Without that there will be a risk of implosion in services, followed by the risk of disintegration in public confidence, followed by the risk of lawlessness, followed by the risk of visible martial law. That is not the plan.

So the chess game continues and could go on for some time yet until real checkmate is achieved. Again, attrition is required. They are definitely making great headway in this process but the financial releases simply won't happen until after the game is over. The drama below makes that very clear.

So all the calls for releasing the codes and the imminent releases only serves one purpose and that is to flush out the deep state cabal kingpins until even their middle management and foot soldiers see their utter defeat.

Nevertheless, in order for that to be convincing to the deep state cabal, the NPTB have to move forward with every visible intention of doing the releases day by day, even though that will not happen until the game is completely over, as we continually witness.

So all the drama is for show and each of us must look at the bigger picture in order not to get caught up in the fake details.

To help that along requires that the Trump team go in and begin the release of sealed indictments against the MSM king pins with full public disclosure. What is likely going on right now is the negotiation with the various components of the MSM to see which fold first as a means of using one or more MSM outlets necessary to expose the the corruption within their own ranks.

Once the MSM is drained then they can be effectively used to manage public perception. That has to happen first in my opinion... and not last. Once they are under control by the NPTB they can be used to publicly disclose the rest of the deep state cabal without skewing public perception, necessary to keep the public stable.

So the next thing I will be looking for is the inevitable shakeup within the MSM. Once that happens it will be a race to the finish.

These bad guys know they have lost or are losing, at the least. They know this release will happen sooner or later. But, like us, they just don't know when.

Until then they can try and do something to prevent it from happening in the short to medium term, like they did on 911. And every time they try something, some of them get caught.

And this is what has been going on for some time now. The boy crying wolf has successfully baited them into taking desperate actions, according to the failed reports, some of which make the news in some hidden form.

Each time they lose because they are over powered and are reduced. Eventually they will be dissolved from attrition. When that will be, only God knows.

Because that strategy is working they keep the imminent factor cued up. And they won't stop doing that as long as the bad guys are desperate enough to take the bait and respond to even the remote possibility of releases happening now.

The imminent part over years has only been for us not the bad guys. Actually, it has been called presumptuously for several years at different times by overly anxious wannabes. Only in the past year has it gotten really serious with all the developments behind the scenes.

The bad guys are split between those who want it for their own gain and those who don't want it at all because they are too far gone down their own rabbit hole.

So the details of who the bad guys are is not a simple one. There are many factions with completely different agendas. Some broke away from the old cabal years ago and went underground and were funded by various groups. The use hidden technology which they want only for themselves.

They are the ones that are trying to make war and destroy whatever they can while hiding underground or under the ocean in fortified bunkers with huge higher tech excavation equipment that tunnels through miles of rock. They rarely surface except for supplies or materials. No one knows how many of these exist. They fight their own wars on their own terms.

They can't win, all they can do is effectively hide. But as soon as they show themselves they are taken out. They are the rogue of the rogue without nation or allegiance.

There is far too much that we don't know because we are on the outside trying to look in. There are those on the inside actually fighting the battles. They know... Then there are those on the outside that have no idea what is going on but know something isn't right.

That there are submarines with nuclear missiles trying to start a war only works is they have the MSM in their back pocket. That is why I brought up the issue with the MSM. They are the trigger mechanism for world war once a strike becomes successful. They are more dangerous than one or two nuclear missiles.

Anyway, I hope I'm right like you say. Otherwise this may never end any time soon. At least we know people are working on it. Which was something I used to think never existed because there was never any discussion anywhere until the internet evolved.

I remain hopeful that God has a plan in the midst of this that does not include evil remaining unchecked.


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